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Shenzhen trillion Electronics Co., Ltd. is a bar code technology as the core of enterprise information management system, a comprehensive solution provider.

The company is the United States INTERMEC, DATAMAX, ZEBRA, CODESOFT, RICOH and other world famous Japanese enterprises authorized by the chief agent of automatic identification and maintenance service providers, they are also the development of the company's core partners.

In addition the company sales agent well-known brands of barcode printers, barcode reader, barcode printing software, barcode printing ribbon, two in Baoan, Houjie built label printing factory, the technical backbone of the factory equipment, excellent management, has a large number of printing industry, can help the customers to solve various problems encountered in the application of the product label.

Megarich electronics set up a wireless network management system is a complete set of mature solutions, application programming interface scheme adopts the world famous manufacturer CISCO network services provided by AP, the world's leading INTERMEC wireless data acquisition terminal and the independent development of the building, can steadily realize data docking with QAD, SSA, Kingdee other large ERP system and middleware. The company is also QAD, SSA, Kingdee and other ERP providers and CISCO company identified as China's strategic partner.

Megarich company has over 150 RFID patents and technology of American INTERMEC company formed a strategic alliance is a leading integrated service provider RFID system, RFID system can provide complete solutions for customers.


        Company in Shenzhen, Hongkong, the country has Shanghai, Zhongshan, Dongguan and other areas and service offices, customers across the country, including BP, including EMERSON, ACER, HITACHI, many of the world's top 500 enterprises. Since its establishment in 2001, has been focused on manufacturing, logistics and other areas of the bar code automatic identification technology to promote the application of a comprehensive solution. The successful implementation of DELL suppliers to promote the implementation of the independent intellectual property rights of the "anti weight code system" and "bar code online detection system".

Senior project managers and experienced software development team, professional technical support engineer to ensure that the company in the implementation of WMS, MES, WES client and QAD, SAP and ERP interface system efficient, reasonable and perfect implementation.

The successful experience of different industries will implement enterprise information management system with years of accumulated company, to continue in the field of automatic identification, forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, to help customers improve the efficiency of supply chain management, reduce operating costs, improve service quality to enhance the competitive advantage of market opportunities.



Telephone: 0755-83844701

Email: info@szzybarcode.com

URL: http://www.lip-pump.com

Address: Shenzhen city Nanshan District liuxiandong industrial area A1 building 6 floor East Shun and Tatsu Factory

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