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Warehouse management system
2017/5/11 19:42:37
    Modern enterprise development today, logistics warehouse has diversified requirements. Relying on the artificial processing of the traditional warehouse management mode has seriously hindered the process of enterprise development, warehouse management system of modern computers will take you from the complex and tedious manual input, manual statistics released. Using automatic recognition technology of this link will only mark barcode products". Throughout the logistics chain, to provide accurate customer orders, delivery service, and allow enterprises to timely inventory, to establish the optimal inventory equipment, reduce inventory backlog, make full use of warehouse space, to ensure the warehouse operation optimization. So as to ensure that enterprises in the fierce competition in the market at the end of the cost, efficiency and quality services in a favorable position.


   Today in the warehouse in the most common technical topics are bar code, regardless of the logistics flows where, we can automatically record the logistics flow. Bar code technology and information processing technology to help us a reasonable and effective use of warehouse space, the fastest, most correct, the lowest cost way to provide customers with the best service.

    Megarich warehouse management system is designed for manufacturing and logistics industry development of customized system, barcode, wireless LAN is introduced in the warehouse management (WLAN), a wireless wide area network (WWAN) technology, the incoming inspection, warehouse storage, transfer, transfer, inventory, warehouse shift each partition operation link data acquisition automation, ensure the accuracy and efficiency of each operation in the data warehouse, ensure the enterprise timely and accurate grasp of the real inventory data, and maintain a reasonable inventory control. Through scientific encoding, can also be convenient for the batch of goods, storage of reservoir management, all the operations can be operated through a wireless handheld terminal, is really the reality of the site operation, site records, data obtained by the erection of the wireless local area network (WLAN) or a wireless wide area network (WWAN) for real-time transmission system.Seamless enterprise ERP management system, real-time capture ERP in a variety of documents and write back to ERP to achieve the same thing.

Support warehouse type

Type of support

+ third party logistics warehouse

+ raw material warehouse

+ semi-finished products warehouse

+ warehouse

+ electricity supplier warehouse

+ cold chain warehouse


+ chemicals

+ clothing warehouse

+ medicine, food and cosmetics

+ car manufacturing

+ industrial products



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