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FingerPrint intelligent print program
2017/5/11 19:47:45
First, the program description
FingerPrint smart print program is the development of the printing system when the bar code label format defined in the system, in the print point without a computer, just a Intermec printer and a scanning gun can beWhen users scan a barcode label printer system, good development will generate a scan data format defined labels, and then print it out at the same time, each print data system will be stored in the printer on the extended CF memory card.According to the needs of the user can define whether in the development of anti control weight codes, and the system has power record function, when users scan the barcode label printing has not suddenly cut off, the system will automatically record to a temporary file, when re energized when the system prompts the operator or automatically print out the last power do not print barcode labels.
Two, late expansion
In the latter part of users have higher requirements, we can according to the upgrade development in the original development, the printer access to users in grid, access to the network of intelligent printing system can carry out data communication network and the user can scan a reality, each bar code for advanced data detection (authenticity, bar code only etc.), when the return value for the intelligent printing system will print out the tag, or according to the needs of users to alarm, and can be extended to other external devices (PLC, sound and light alarm calling device, sensor and so on) to work together.
Three, review
Intermec FingerPrint intelligent printer can replace the computer to complete a large, complex data processing work in many applications, and all Intermec printers are equipped with intelligent network interface, data exchange for easy access to the users in the network, at the same time it has powerful intelligent systems, can control the number of external devices for collaboration, complex such as: PLC programmable controller, alarm system, infrared sensor, electronic scales, and even can control other printers.



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