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Shop floor control system
2017/5/12 14:23:36

Manufacturing modernization needs automation, enterprise automation requires on-site production management system (SFCS), SFCS is the enterprise production management system is a powerful, it can let you sit in front of a browser on a production site of all information, fully grasp the production site, to effectively monitor the production process operation. We not only provide complete and on-site production activity in real-time and information, in order to make the best of your site management, improve the overall productivity, but also allows you to reduce delivery time, grasp the product quality, build customer trust. Please enjoy the benefits, convenience and competitive advantage of manufacturing automation. SFCS can help you effectively reduce production costs, improve product quality, improve customer satisfaction.


SFCS attention to the production process, foolproof resource tracking and real-time analysis of management functions, which can help you reduce the cost, quick profit. From the management perspective, SFCS integrated production units (such as material, health management, manufacturing, QC, warehouse etc.) of the data, you can quickly get the information needed for the operation, to enhance production efficiency. From the perspective of the overall operation of the company, SFCS is connected to the upper ERP of manufacturing system, supply chain management system (SCM) and field operation / production equipment, to provide real-time and accurate production data, definitely help you develop operational plans (Logistics Planning) weapon. SFCS integrated data acquisition and information display hardware, from the production process set up, pick up, set up, testing, quality control, maintenance, packaging, transportation has a complete monitoring function. We use modular function design, for your needs to do with the elastic module, easy to implement your phased, the construction and upgrade costs to a minimum.

   SFCS features

    實時數據處理 (Real Time) 工藝防呆 (Real Time Checking)

No paper operation site (Paperless) site product tracking (Tracking)

Monitor the production status (Monitoring) network gateway function (WEB Portal)



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