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Barcode checking system
2017/5/12 14:23:47
     stayThe modern enterprise applications, barcode has become an integral part of the identification medium, enterprises have increasingly emphasized the importance of the quality control of the bar code, each with a bar code print or print all we need on the quality of its own (identification, uniqueness, appearance) detection, inspection manual scanning eye identification cannot load the traditional efficient production rhythm, but also can avoid the huge risks brought by manual operation.
So automatic bar code quality detection system (BCS) came into being, it can completely replace the manual quality inspection work, improve the detection efficiency and accuracy of the data. At the same time, it can effectively avoid the risk caused by human error.

     MGR-BCS system is composed of high precision industrial visual identification equipment and automatic quality inspection station, can carry out automatic recognition of single and multiple one-dimensional two-dimensional bar code in the software control system of precision, automatically determine the readability of bar code detection system, the uniqueness and continuity, when an error is detected or incomplete code the system automatically stop and alarm remind workers. Effectively guarantee the quality of the printing bar code and the printing bar code.


Barcode types can be detected:
Standard 1D and 2D barcode
Detectable mode:
Reading, the appearance of integrity, uniqueness, continuity



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