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Intermec CK3R
2017/5/12 13:00:18

Automatic identification, tracking and supply chain assets and information management leading solutions provider Intermec (Intermec Inc. New York stock exchange code: IN) announced the launch of a new generation of CK3 rugged handheld computer series, is one of the industry to provide the best performance of mobile computing products. The new generation CK3 series consists of two models - CK3X and CK3R, using the 1GHZ OMAP architecture to optimize workflow and apply to distribution centers, manufacturing and retail operations. The new generation of CK3 offers industry-leading battery life, enhanced bar scanning capabilities, excellent device health reporting capabilities, and extensive support for the latest industry standards, including HTML5.

Mobile and wireless business VDC research vice president David Krebs said: "for the mobile application business critical requirements for equipment with battery life, choose a variety of data acquisition, architecture and reliable strong safety performance and enhance the processing ability, and the appearance design is lightweight, ergonomic. These are vital. Yi Teng machinery generation CK3 rugged handheld series to meet all the above requirements, mobile application of a variety of harsh environment for logistics and warehouse work, retail etc.."

CK3X, suitable for warehouse operations, is a perfect upgrade of existing CK3B; CK3R is suitable for light industry and retail store applications. A new generation of CK3 retains the CK3B appearance and solid design, traditional applications and backward compatible accessories, to facilitate customers seamless upgrade to the latest technology, without additional investment to buy a charger, charging seat or scan handle.



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