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Honeywell EDA50
2017/5/12 13:18:25

Mobile medical assistant -- Honeywell EDA50 HC mobile data terminal

Honeywell Glory50 series EDA50 HC mobile data terminal is Honeywell advanced enterprise WWAN (4G) /WLAN handheld data terminals, is a new generation of Android products is a high performance, very wide area, designed specifically for Android applications, both comfortable operation and ease of use, function the combination of powerful, fully meet the requirements of environment stable and durable, can maximize improve work efficiency to serve the medical staff and patients. In order to meet the special needs of mobile medical field, designers from the point of view of medical care, integrated human-computer interaction experience and industrial design concept, is today the most adhering to the core idea of mobile applications handheld products. As the medical staff, busy work, a convenient and handy tool is absolutely indispensable, it must be thin and light enough to let you carry; must be able to withstand alcohol disinfection, in order to meet the aseptic requirements of the hospitals; be sure to enter application shortcut, convenient, can improve the work efficiency; must in order to meet the security, privacy protection, and these patients, all can meet EDA50. Honeywell EDA50 HC mobile data terminal with its excellent performance and durable quality is rapidly becoming the intelligent mobile medical assistant medical providers.

main features

Super large color touch screen:FiveInch Corelle gorilla capacitive touch screen, low temperature resistanceIPSFull view display, fully meet the needs of indoor and outdoor for clear vision, support gloves and hand wet touch.

Ergonomic fashion design: full integration of ergonomic design and industrial design ideas, comfortable grip, one hand operation. Only270gLightweight design, easy to carry.

Professional system optimization design: independent program, zero occupancy, stable and efficient, completely solve the memory consumption of Android system, and it is suitable for a variety of general purposeA P PThe development of a quad core equipped with the latest platform1.2gSpeed processor, easy to handle each task instructions, support the smooth running of multiple tasks, is the best guarantee for mobile information processing.

Super large capacity battery:4000mAH Large capacity lithium-ion intelligent battery,Ten thousandSecondary charging interface plug life, the product has better durability.

Wireless connection with excellent performance: with the development of wearable technology, Bluetooth monitoring instrument is widely used in medical field, Bluetooth monitor can effectively measure the ECG, pulse, sleep quality data,eda50Use the latest BluetoothFourThe utility model can simultaneously connect various monitoring instruments without the need of inputting and obtaining the measurement data directly, thereby reducing the workload of medical staff input.



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