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Datamax I-Class Mark II 4310e/4606e
2017/5/12 13:27:21

I-Class Mark II is a series of medium industrial bar code printers, suitable for various industrial barcode printing applications. Because of its excellent quality, I-Class printers have excellent reputation in similar products. I-Class Mark II has exceeded the expectations of users of this type of printer for its competitive price, and industry-leading reliability, excellent performance, and ease of integration.

The I-Class Mark II printer is located between the lightweight M-Class Mark II and the high-performance H-Class, positioned as a medium industrial printer. I-Class Mark II has many standard features are not available to other similar products, such as a faster processor, more memory, more types of communication port, with a durable coating more wearable intelligent printing head, and can automatically select the temperature and speed settings for the new OPTIMedia have the best printing quality. Users will also notice that the power consumption of the printer is also greatly reduced. I-Class Mark II is an ideal printer for shipping and receiving, product identification, pharmaceutical labels and asset tracking applications.
Specifications overview:
Direct thermal type, thermal transfer (optional)
Maximum print width 4.16 "[105.7 mm]"
203 dpi [8 dots / mm], 300 dpi [12 dots / mm], 600 dpi [24 dots / mm] 可選分辨率
The fastest print speed is 12 IPS [304 mm/s]
Ethernet wired LAN 10/100, W-LAN with WPA2 security protocol, 2 USB Host Ports and SDIO, GPIO interface card

Various uses - I-Class Mark II printers have a range of media compatibility, connectivity, simulation support, and options that can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications. I-Class Mark II includes a range of value proposition printers located in the medium industrial grade printers with 203, 300, and 600 DPI modes.

Improve work efficiency - I-Class Mark II can easily be applied to high-speed label printing applications, compared with the latest model of other brands of products faster than 20%. The printer is equipped with a 400 MHz processor and has the highest throughput in the industry's medium industrial grade printers. Its modular design makes it easy to add and / or replace options so that it can be upgraded and reconfigured for business growth.

OPTIMedia can automatically adjust the optimum temperature and speed to obtain the best print quality, thus shortening the setup time.
Low energy consumption reduces energy consumption by 25% compared to other similar printers. ECO IntelliSEAQ print head has a durable coating, the wear resistance is better, longer life.
Multiple communication ports: in the medium industrial printer products, it has the most kinds of communication ports, including serial, parallel, USB, LAN, 2 USB host ports, and SDIO, W-LAN and GPIO interface cards.
A graphical display with 7 buttons, belonging to the 128X64 LCD backlit display, is easy to read and easy to read, and the label settings are user-friendly.
The structure is strong and firm, using a gear driven design, and a durable die cast aluminum frame.
The print head is easy to disassemble, making the I-Class Mark II easier to maintain, and the print head and the paper roller can be replaced within 5 minutes.
Field mountable options such as cutters, stripping, paper out sensors, and optional thermal transfer printing heads allow easy upgrading of the underlying printer.
The multilingual menu offers English, Spanish, German, Italian and french.
Software: includes DPL and other common language simulation programs that allow printers to be easily integrated into new or existing applications



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